FireWhat datasets provide detailed information pertaining to fire and natural disaster incidents that can be migrated into any data management system.

hP - HotPin Data Feed


In the chaotic and dangerous first hours of any wildland fire incident, the HotPin of the fire's location and initial status is often the only piece of information available anywhere. The HotPin allows disaster managers and commercial entities with assets at risk to quickly assess a fire's status the moment it is reported, and to bring that data into a GIS environment.

The HotPin Data Feed includes:

  • Fire name, location, and time reported
  • Reported acres
  • Structures threatened (yes/no)
  • Rate of spread

FireWhat Data Features

  • Available 4-12 hours in advance of any other public data feed
  • Expertly sourced, analyzed and interpreted
  • Available via REST endpoint
  • Data feeds from public sources (such as MODIS and GeoMAC) are updated once or twice a day, while our data is reported as it happens in near real-time
  • Enhanced by granular, descriptive characteristics of the fire that cannot be found from any other source.