Our Mission

FireWhat, Incorporated is a Geographic Information Systems and Technology Company, who maps emergency incidents and creates technologies, to track responders and assets in and out of the field.

Our Story

FireWhat, Inc. is a technology company that provides custom tools to map and track assets in and out of the field. FireWhat, Inc. was founded in 2011 to correct the antiquated delivery of information to our nation’s first responders.

In April of 2013, FireWhat, Inc. purchased Wildlandfire.com. The purchase provided direct access to the largest data base of real time fire information from an expert sourced audience of 1.2 million annual visitors, mainly wildland firefighters! The website was created in 1997 as a source to share information amongst firefighters. It has since built a following as the most trusted source of wildfire information in the nation. 


April of 2013 was a big month for FireWhat, Inc. On the day the purchase of Wildlandfire.com occurred, FireWhat was fortunate to become a Startup Partner of Esri. FireWhat has begun the rapid revamp of Wildlandfire.com with a full integration of Esri’ ArcGIS Online Platform. The online mapping platform has provided key successes in the wildfire community.

In July of 2013, the Silver Fire in eastern Riverside County broke out. FireWhat, Inc made wildfire mapping history by providing ArcGIS Online Maps to the inbound Incident Management team.

In January of 2014, FireWhat, Inc. became an Esri Silver level partner GIS Technology Company. FireWhat will offer its premium content to the Esri App Marketplace in the summer of 2014. 

Our Team